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Potatoes are a healthy choice! They are 99.9% fat free and full of nutrients.
Potatoes should be baked, boiled or steamed in their skin. Nutrients close to the skin are lost when potatoes are peeled before cooking. If you must peel them, use a vegetable peeler and peel as thinly as possible. Do not soak peeled potatoes in cold water to crisp them, since some nutrients will dissolve in the water.

Nutrition in a Raw Potato

% of Recommended Daily Intake For One Medium Potato
(150 gms raw - about 1/3 lb)
  Vitamin C  45% Energy  109 Cal / 460kj
  Thiamin  11% Protein  3.7 g
  Niacin  8% Fat
 0.2 g
  Vitamin B6  14% Carbohydrate
 23 g
  Folacin  15% Dietary fiber  2.7 g
  Pantothenic Acid
 6% Sodium  5 mg
  Phosphorous  6%
Potassium  729 mg
  Magnesium  13%
  Iron 9%

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